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Finding the right opportunity can change the trajectory of one’s entire life. Everything you want to do requires the means to do it. The right opportunity can change the trajectory of one’s entire life.

This is where C4 comes in. C4 will strategically position you to attract the right positions, prepare for and secure them. Further, we will assist you in receiving the best compensation to optimize your earnings and benefits for the duration of your career.

Your career is often arranged by a combination of your background and experience plus opportunities and timing. At C4, we specialize in acting as a champion for our clients. Each client is unique and has distinctive goals and intentions. That’s why we consider ourselves a marketing medium for you. We will help you build your professional brand intrinsically and extrinsically. We will provide coaching on everything from your 30 second “elevator speech” to your closing at the negotiation table…..and everything in between!

What makes C4 different? We enjoy helping our clients get into their ideal professional position, whether that means being financially positioned to meet your goals, working in your field of passion or simply being in control of your career. We're excited to offer Continued Job Search, which we feel makes C4 stand out. Once you become a client, we keep a finger on the pulse check of your job search and will send you job notifications relevant to your goals for the life of your active account with C4.

C4 will consult, coach, challenge and champion for you to build and attain the future you want. Let our team get to work for you!

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