“ Success always comes when preparation meets opportunity.”
- Henry Hartman

I was in a place of transition and deep contemplation. I had a clear goal but no tangible idea of how to get there. Constance was able to look at my resume and highlight skills; some of which were even hidden from me, and align them with the industry I longed to be a part of.  Because of this experience, I was able to view not only my abilities in a clearer and more factual light, but I was equipped with a resume I felt confident bringing to any application or job interview. This experience has been a gift to me.”

                                                                                                                             Shannon R. BrownAssociate Director of Donor Engagement/Associate Director, Western Carolina
Planned Parenthood, Inc.

Switching industries is never an easy task and getting your foot in the door is among the hardest things to accomplish. So reaching out to Constance was a no brainer when I began my search to leave property management and focus on brand marketing. After consulting with her regarding my ideal position, experience and education, she aptly began restructuring my resume and editing my cover letters. She delved into areas I considered menial and explained their value and why I should highlight these areas on my resume.

                                                                Once my resume was complete, she then expanded my job search, careers I initially did not consider, were now exciting and attainable opportunities. After applying to positions selected from my curated job list, I was invited to interview with great prospective organizations. Although I did not switch industries (due to an amazing promotion with my current company) I have and will continue to recommend C4 services to anyone in need of career advice.”

Faye B. Robinson, Senior Marketing Manager
Estates Inc.