What will your services cost me?

This will depend on your needs but we're transparent and upfront with our prices. You can find them on our Services page. We also offer a free consultation call to assess your goals and recommend the best service offering for you - no pressure to buy! 

What does a Consultation Include?

When you set up a Consultation call, you will see the option to upload whatever version of your resume exists (we will even take bullet points in the notepad of your phone!). We ask that you upload it so we can review your background and how you're currently presenting it. Following that, your coach will call you at the time and number you specify when you set up your call and give you tailored recommendations for your resume that you can make yourself or suggest a service, timeframe and outcome if you're looking for coaching in a different area.

What if I want you to make the changes to my resume?

We're happy to! Simply place an order for the Resume Package and we'll get started right away optimizing your resume for tricky HR systems and crafting your story to make you stand out to hiring managers! You'll have a choice between receiving a tailored Cover Letter OR having your LinkedIn profile updated to attract recruiters to your profile. 

How long will it take to receive my resume?

Our promise is 3-5 business days to deliver a final resume product to you. If your situation is more complex, we'll discuss it and make sure the expectation is clear but not much longer than the initial turnaround time. Your cover letter or LinkedIn profile will be completed in 1 business day following the final approval of your resume.

The best part. We use a 2 part approach. First, we use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) keyword scanning tool to compare your resume against comparable jobs. This tool gives us a score. We try to get to 70% or higher in scoring. (The higher the score, the better optimized your resume is....meaning the higher you rank to recruiters and hiring managers.) We strategically press in those keywords to make sure your resume stands out among the rest.

Second, we design and craft your resume so that once it's in the hands of a hiring manager, it sells you on paper and gets you in the door. While we can get pretty creative with colors and designs, we focus more on how to best present you in your absence so you have the opportunity to sell yourself in person!

How do you ensure my resume stands out?

We don't provide discounts unless you're a student or military. However, we do send out promo codes to our newsletter subscribers occasionally. Sign up on the blog page! 

Do you offer discounts on your services?

I'm desperate to leave my job and go into another field. Should I get career coaching and will I leave with my dream job?

If you're ready to invest in your future, then the answer is "YES!". You should absolutely contact us to help you figure out where you should go next and to find he sweet spot where your interests and background meet. We can't guarantee you will leave us with your dream job but what you will leave with are takeways, tailored homework to guide you, in-depth coaching sessions and clarity into the next steps to help you get to that dream position! 

We hate to hear of anyone being dissatisfied. The reason we do this is because we want everyone to be content with their situation. That being said, for resume products, we do not offer a refund; however, we do everything we can, including unlimited revisions, to make sure you're satisfied. For service-based products, we will immediately cease billing for any reason, no questions asked. 

Can I get a refund if i'm not satisfied?

With our Application and Total Packages, not only are we searching everywhere and under every rock for jobs, we will reach out to recruiters on your behalf and get your resume in their hands. 

Will you look for jobs for me?

Yes! Sign up for free job tips and advice here. Also, I post regularly on the blog tab, which gets published and distributed to subscribers.

Do you have general tips for me to help my career?